You may well have passed our office and seen the very sharp looking Dave, a striking life-size sculpture adorned with unsharpened surgical blades to decorate his mane.

Dave is proving very popular with passersby and so we’ve added a QR code in our window to give Dave’s new fans some more information.



Dave was decorated by Nicola Donovan, a local contemporary artist with a flair for the extraordinary.  Many residents of Bath will be familiar with the Lions of Bath event that took place in 2010. In total 104 fibreglass lions were sponsored by local businesses and designed/decorated by local and international artists.

We found out 5 weeks before the event auction that the organiser had one spare blank lion, so we snapped it up and designed and sponsored the lion who became known as… Euan the Lion.


With only 5 weeks to go, we had a great opportunity to showcase our creativity and strategy, to define a long term vision to benefit the lives of people, and lions in the wild, over in Kenya.




How did we take some small change and help create “big change?”

By decorating Euan with 2,000 ten pence coins (as well as Congolese coins) all bearing an image of a lion, we drew attention to the (then) 20,000 lions remaining in the wild. After our Euan the Lion fetched £15,000 at auction, we donated all of the proceeds to the Born Free Foundation (BFF). They have used the donation to build 15 lion-proof Bomas which protect the lives and cattle of up to 1,500 villagers in Kenya, meaning that the livelihood of those people is protected and they don’t go out and kill lions for retribution.

To support the Born Free Foundation, please visit


Throughout this unexpected project, we were supported by so many great people, special thanks went to our good friend Roger Wright (pictured below, original Simba in West End show of Disney’s Lion King). 



In readiness for BFF’s star-studded Savoy Gala Dinner, we were able to design a new legal tender coin (shown below). The first solid gold coin struck was presented to Virginia McKenna that night.

Virginia McKenna's 80th Birthday Gala


Virginia McKenna's 80th Birthday Gala