Maggie is an ex-international athlete who has worked with top class coaches, in other words she understands the challenges involved in training for a specific event, getting fit or losing that extra weight.

We created a simple acronym for Maggie’s business, F.I.T, representing Fitness, Intake and Therapy. This allows our client to use memorable punchy phrases such as “Eat smart. Train well. Feel better.”

Having crafted the brand identity and carried out some initial brand photography, we have created a simple responsive CMS website for Maggie to communicate her key offerings and reassure her clients that whether you want to lose weight, run the BathHalf or fit into an outfit for a special event, success is just 3 basic steps away.

We recently created a flyer for Maggie entitled “12 days of fitness” for her pre-Christmas marketing push, which is already generating good results.